Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Eighth Class

I really liked exploring in the Inspiration Program. I used Kidspiration once years ago in a 1st grade classroom to create a word web. I think that the ability to freely explore in the program was helpful in understanding the program better. Since working this way with technology in this class I feel less intimidated with new technologies. (Of course having the safety of the New Paltz computers is also helpful!)
A teacher in my school actually did a presentation for parents and staff at the end of the school year last year to educate about cyberbullying. It truly is a growing problem for our students. My neice had her username and password stolen by a sister of a friend. She had used her friend's computer to post on her myspace account, and the screen saved her information and the sister (of her friend) took the information. To make a long story short the sister added some BAD things to her account and my neice had to erase everything from her account, change her password, and start fresh.
I liked what Jody said about managing technology not letting technology manage us. It is inevitable that technology will continue to grow in use and importance in the future. I hope that we can also adjust and maintain this technology so that we still control all aspects of our lives without being dictated by the technology present.


Vincent said...

Technology certainly has begun to "control" us in certain aspects, but only through our delusion that we need it. Some people have no idea what to do with themselves once they loose their cell phone for example. As from the ASSURE lesson plan all we need is a plan B that does not include the technology and then we can just take a breath and move forward even it does happen to fail us.

Nancy said...

You never know who will use the information that is on a computer. I am glad that your neice was able to clear everything up on her account.
I learned a lesson about managing information yesterday. When we were talking about google alerts yesterday in class I signed up for one account. when I got home last night I had A LOT more email than normal and wondered why. Well it was all google alerts. later today I will take the time to set the alerts up in a different emaill account. Lesson learned.