Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Sixth Class

Smartboards here I come! That was a great experience working with the SmartBoard for my SuccessMaker PowerPoint presentation. It was rather easy to manipulate after I got comfortable and gained more confidence. Really you follow the same methods as using your desktop computer but instead of a mouse you use your finger. Double tapping on the screen still seems weird to me though! I enjoyed learning more about interactive white boards through Michelle's presentation. I'm interested to see and try some of the applications she spoke of like changing print to type, highlighting, and using the writing pen and eraser. My school district currently has a smartboard for each school and the elementary school will be getting another this year so I'm sure I'll get the opportunity to try these applications.


Janet said...

I'm glad to hear that you will have the chance to use a Smartboard in your school this next year, Rachel. Since it won't be a new concept, you will hopefully feel more comfortable using it.

mich021 said...

That's great that you get to use Smart boards in your district. Since I don't have my own classroom in a school yet, I've only gotten to use one here.

I really enjoyed learning about SuccessMaker. It sounds like a great program.

Vincent said...

"Really you follow the same methods as using your desktop computer but instead of a mouse you use your finger."

That is exactly how feel about smart boards. Nothing at all to be intimidated by.

As a future math teacher I really apreciated you presentation on SuccessMaker. I see it as a great way to assess individual students as well as an entire class at the same time, all with little effort on the part of the teacher. Great tool.

Nancy said...

I got a little sidtracked by the posting time on your blog. Either you were up late or up very early:) It is enough to know how to use the technology without having to know the operating system so keep tapping away and hopefully the screen will respond.