Thursday, July 12, 2007

Fourth Class

I am extremely frustrated with making my website. I am having big troubles with finding, downloading, and utilizing pictures. Just to let everyone know you can't use pictures from Microsoft Word or images saved in Paint. I hope that this becomes a bit easier to do as class goes on and I also hope that the website I plan to make through my school district is easier to do compared to this! I hope everyone else's website creation is going smoothly. Good Luck! Rachel


Nancy said...

I hope that your intranet will be easier for you to use as you have good ideas for your website.

Gwinyeo Kwak said...


I was having a hard time, too. I definitely needed more time.
Your WebQuest was great!! It was well-organized and it looks easy to understand for 2nd grade students. I wish I learned math through WebQuest then.

Janet said...

I hope that you feel better about creating a Web site now that you are finished, Rachel.