Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Third Class

I am very interested in Intranet posting within schools where only people in the school community can see the postings. We do have the ability to create our own website through the school and I wonder if these sites are on an intranet or the internet. A collegue and I will hopefully be attempting to create a mathematics website for all students in our building grades K through 6 so I will definitely be discussing this with the technology crew. Our school has many technology resources such as two computer labs, multiple projectors, laptop carts, and multiple computers in each classroom so we are trying to better utilize these tools in our instruction. On another note I already have a base knowledge within powerpoint so I am enjoying experimenting with other unknown aspects of the program - WebQuest/Powerpoint here I come!


Nancy said...

We are not supposed to have our own websites linked to our school account. We can create sites that are on out intranet. You project sounds like it will benefit many people. Good luck.

Janet said...

Technically, you should be able to post your Web site to an intranet within your school. Good luck with your site. It sounds like a great idea!