Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Seventh Class

I'm really excited about the ASSURE lesson plan that I am creating and I'm anxious to implement it this year with my second graders. Once I found the Virtual Manipulatives (Site posted on my FURL account) I wanted to try this type of lesson as a type of experimentation of their use. I can't wait to see what my students think of the program. I hope that this lesson will help them show 2-digit numbers in a variety of ways. Also I think that seeing tens and ones simultaneously as 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional objects will help them relate the actual base ten blocks with pictures of base ten blocks. This relating should help students with testing difficulties since often my students can create numbers using manipulatives but have difficulty identifying them from pictures.


Nancy said...

I went to the virtual manipulatives Website and played with the tesselations( not sure of the spelling)and some of the other activities. I think you are right in thinking students will not only enjoy using these materials, but they will learn while "playing".

Janet said...

Virtual manipulation sites are very helpful, I agree, Rachel. I like them for all subjects and I can see that they may be very helpful for your students.