Monday, July 9, 2007

First Blogging Experience!

This is my first experience blogging. I'm interested in learning about all blogging has to offer. The first thing I want to do is link the site to start a blog account to remind myself for future reference: I've heard a lot about blogging from friends especially through their myspace accounts.
I'm subscribed to a newsletter through that is e-mailed to my personal e-mail account. This newsletter is informative and offers monthly announcements, featured lessons and units, helpful websites, free and purchasable materials, humorous cartoons and inspirational stories, and more! I thought I'd link the site and see if it could be of use to anyone else in class. You can subscribe yourself at the website if interested.
Thanks, Rachel


littleleo21 said...

Hey iv used teacherplanet before and think it is a great site to use as a resource. I have forgot how great it was until i saw it on your blog so thanks for posting it.

Janet said...

Thanks for sharing the link to the great teacher site. I'm looking forward to hearing about technology that you think you will be using in your classroom.